Sunday, July 19, 2009

The M.D of Rocky View is now "Rocky View County"

As part of a rebranding initative underway by the municipality, Rocky View received formal approval on July 16, 2009 from the Minister of Municipal Affairs to change its name from "Municipal District" to "County". County is a more widely recognized term and Rocky View's administration is hopeful that the name change will be an economic advantage.
“The name change provides significant advantages from both an economic development and corporate rebranding point of view,” explained Reeve Habberfield. “Not only will it help make Rocky View a recognizable household name, but it will raise the municipality’s corporate image and profile and establish it as a good location for real estate development, industry attraction, and major investment. These benefits are a step toward realizing one of Council’s priorities to diversify the tax base.”
For more information regarding the rebranding initiative, residents may contact Jenn Birchall, Communications Manager, at 403-230-1401.
For a link to the complete press release, visit

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