Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last of the 2 Acre Developments in Bearspaw?

It's possible.... With the departure from the current Area Structure Plan in Bearspaw and a shift to area-specific, design based planning at the M.D. of Rocky View along with the province's new Land Use Framework, the lots of Willow Creek at Bearspaw may very well be the last in a subdivision of all 2 acre parcels.

Alberta's Minister of Sustainable Resources Development, Ted Morton has said it himself that "the era of the acreage is ending". In the future Morton says that the government will encourage municipalities to develop in clusters and corridors, as opposed to traditional rural subdivisions with larger lots.

What does this mean for Bearspaw and its residents? The answer at this point is still unclear with no final documents yet released from "Imagine Bearspaw" and the resulting Community Development Strategy, Neighbourhood Area Structure Plan and Site Development Framework. What we do know however is the landscape of this area is changing. There is only a limited amount of land to be developed in Bearspaw, and with the City creeping closer, securing a large parcel of land now may be an opportunity not available in the future.

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